Marni Battista | Advice from a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Episode 422)
Marni Battista | Advice from a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Episode 422)

If being parked in a bad dating pattern is your idea of a comfort zone, consider how a little discomfort will take you to a far better place. “Imagine two dysfunctional puzzle pieces out in the universe with a magnet…” -Marni Battista The Cheat Sheet: If you want to date out of your league, you […]

In episode 416 of The Art of Charm, we learn how entrepreneur and speaker Cole Hatter overcame tragedy to have a measurable, positive impact on the world.
Cole Hatter | Survive and Thrive (Episode 416)

Tragedy is not a choice; learning how to thrive in its aftermath is. “When you get thrown out of a car going 80, you usually leave a little bit of skin on the pavement.” -Cole Hatter The Cheat Sheet: How can you ensure that tragedy creates rather than conquers? You don’t have to give up […]

Confidence and Women: Why They Love It, How to Live It

One of the most basic expressions of confidence is how you stand and how you walk. Standing up straight communicates that you’re a highly confident man. Slouching communicates that you’re not so sure of yourself. Here’s an exercise that will help you to have better posture: Every time that you walk through a door, do a quick body check to see how your posture is. Make any necessary corrections.