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When personal growth gets uncomfortable will you take baby steps, or will you jump into the deep end?

In this episode of the Art of Charm podcast, AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak are joined with Thomas Brag and Matt Dajer from Yes Theory. We talk about how they began their self-development journey, why it’s important to become comfortable facing your fears, and a sneak peek of future projects on the horizon.

Listen now to dive into your new comfort zone!

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What to Listen For:

  • How did the Yes Theory team slow down and stay productive during the pandemic?
    • 00:00 – 02:27
  • How did the Yes Theory originally team up?
    • 02:54 – 05:18
  • What keeps the Yes Theory members’ friendship solid?
    • 05:41 – 09:39
  • Which 30-day challenge was the most intimidating?
    • 09:40 – 12:51
  • What is the mindset going into these comfort zone challenges?
    • 12:52 – 14:39
  • Is there one “yes” that really stands out for you?
    • 12:53 – 18:57
  • What have been the biggest lessons Yes Theory has learned over the years approaching people and giving them challenges?
    • 18:59 – 27:21
  • At what point did you realize Yes Theory was gaining momentum?
    • 27:32 – 33:30
  • What’s some advice on approaching strangers for a project? 
    • 34:23 – 39:30
  • Advice to switch into a growth mindset during the quarantine?
    • 39:31 – 44:26
  • How do you stay motivated in the dating world when it seems to go nowhere and you’re getting rejected?
    • 44 26 – 50:46
  • If you could relive one day of your life again, which day would that be and why?
    • 50:47 – 58:15
  • What’s next for Yes Theory?
    • 58:17 – 1:02:44
  • Where can we find more about Yes Theory’s current and upcoming projects?
    • 1:02:45 – 1:03:08


If you want to achieve great things for yourself, it’s important to cultivate a growth mindset, and a growth mindset is more important now than ever. Those with a growth mindset and determination will use this pandemic as an opportunity to push themselves while others are scared or putting their lives on pause to see what happens next. And if you feel like you don’t have a growth mindset, have no fear, it’s never too late to adopt one.

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