How to Give without Getting Taken Advantage of with Adam Grant

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It can be difficult to get ahead at work when someone else is always taking credit for what the team does, but what can you do to deal with selfish individuals in a professional manner, how can you be a giver and not get taken advantage of, and how do matchers balance givers and takers?

What to Listen For

  • What are 5 minute favors and how can you use them to build a powerful network?
  • How do you deal with selfish personalities who always try to take credit for the success of the team?
  • What can you do if you’re a giver (versus a taker) and you’re struggling to show your value in the workplace?
  • What are matchers and why are they important to balance givers and takers?
  • What would Adam Grant change about “Give and Take” if he were to rewrite it today?
  • What question should you ask a hiring manager to get an actual understanding of a company’s culture?
  • Are extroverts better leaders than introverts?


While it’s frowned upon to be a taker, it’s also not great for your own well being to be too much of a giver, especially if you’re not great at setting and maintaining boundaries. Being generous is a great thing, but if you’re not taking care of yourself and if you don’t have a strong sense of self-worth, it can be easy to feel like you are getting taken advantage of by people.

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