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Show Her the Time of Her Life

How long do you wait to call or text a woman? What’s the perfect first date? If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, then check out our free articles and videos to get the dating tips you need to sweep her off her feet and end those lonely nights

First date ideas
The Top 10 First Date Ideas

First dates can be super intimidating. One of the hardest things can be just coming up with a topic. Fortunately, The Art of Charm has come up with this handy list of ten things you can do on a first date that are fun, allow you to get to know each other and don’t put […]

fun second date ideas
Why Some of the Best Dates are Outdoors

Looking for some fun second date ideas?  Then you should be looking outside, because that’s where some of the best second date options are.  To learn why that is and what outdoor activities would make for a great second date, check out the tips below. Picnic Forget the stuffy fancy restaurant.  What girl wouldn’t love […]