Toolbox Episodes

AoC Toolbox | Resilience (Episode 584)
AoC Toolbox | Resilience (Episode 594)

The Art of Charm (@TheArtofCharm) trio of Johnny, AJ, and Jordan goes over the importance of resilience and how we can develop it to be ready for anything life throws our way. [Photo by Art Bromage] The Cheat Sheet: What is resilience and why is it so important? Consider resilience as a bedrock mindset upon […]

AOC Toolbox | Social Capital Basics
AoC Toolbox | Social Capital Basics (Episode 469)

The Art of Charm (@TheArtofCharm) presents this toolbox episode about networking and social capital basics that will give you an important leg up in your own relationship development skills! The Cheat Sheet: Relationship development (and, by extension, the dreaded word ‘networking’) is the highest leverage point you can learn in business and your personal life. […]

AoC Toolbox | Screening and Qualifying (Episode 420)
AoC Toolbox | Screening and Qualifying (Episode 420)

For better or worse, we mirror the company that we keep. Here’s how we maximize its quality for the best reflection. “I’m selective with second chances, but I’m always willing to give a first chance.” -AJ Harbinger The Cheat Sheet: Are you due for a friend audit? How do you tell the difference between “high […]

On this toolbox episode of The Art of Charm you'll find out the three levels of rapport, and how to use each effectively to develop deeper relationships.
AoC Toolbox | Rapport (Episode 415)

Rapport takes time, patience and vulnerability. “You have to be interested to be interesting.” – Johnny Dzubak The Cheat Sheet: Why you have to be vulnerable to connect. The three levels of rapport-building. What is floodlighting? How to build rapport if you’re shy or introverted. Why making mistakes is the best way to learn. And so […]

On this toolbox episode of The Art of Charm we'll talk about banter: how to be good at it, how to keep it playful and why you don't always have to be funny.
AoC Toolbox | Banter (Episode 409)

In this toolbox episode of The Art of Charm we’ll talk about the three characteristics you embody through banter, how to keep it playful throughout, and why you don’t have to be funny to be good at banter. “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” -Malcolm X The Cheat Sheet: Do you […]