Fun and Games with Craigslist

Fun and Games with Craigslist

Everybody has their opinion about using the internet to meet women. Personally, I like the good ol’ fashion approach of getting out of the house and talking to real, live people.

But the internet can provide a great tool if you are willing to be creative and think outside the box. I’m a little old for Myspace and Facebook, and Match and E-harmony become tedious and repetitive in a hurry. Adultfriendfinders is way too sleazy for the kind of women I want to meet.

That’s where Craigslist comes in. I’m not talking about the cheesy ads in the “Casual Encounter” category like,

I Need An Asian Nympho

make my fantasy cum true

Come have a drink in my hotel with me….

(Honest to God, these were the first three headlines that came up when I opened up m4w in the “Casual Encounter” category of my local Craigslist.)

I’m talking about using Craigslist to have some fun and create an interesting way to get women to want to interact with you.

Here’s something I’ve done several times with great results.

I love live music and I often buy good seats to local concerts. I always order two tickets even if I don’t know who I will take.

When I don’t have a companion, I’ll put an ad like the following on Craigslist in both the “Tickets” and “Male Seeking Female” categories.

Here is a typical ad:

Join Me at the Winery for Mark Knopfler

I have killer seats for Mark Knopfler this Saturday night at the winery. I need an equally awesome companion to accompany me to the show.

Said companion must be smarter than the average bear and easy on the eyes. She should be an engaging conversationalist and have a wicked sense of humor (of course it helps if you really dig Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits).

Send me a recent pic and an essay of 45 words or less (the fewer words the better) as to why I should choose you as my date.

Extra points given for creativity. Bribes are encouraged.


I post my picture with the ad and require the women to respond with a picture of their own.

These ads always get double-digit responses. Many of the women who respond are creative and interesting. What is especially fun to see is how energized women become knowing they are competing with other women. I always feel like the “Bachelor”.

I put a time limit on the contest and narrow the contestants down to the two I like best. I have the finalists compete with each other. I tell each that they are one of two finalists and they have 24 hours to do something especially creative to convince me to choose them.

This is when things really get interesting because the remaining two women can smell the prize and they aren’t going to lose out to another woman.

I send emails to the women I don’t choose to let them know they won’t receive a rose. At first I was afraid that the runner-ups would be really pissed off. Only one woman has lashed out for not being chosen (I guess I made the right choice!)

Ironically, several non-finalists still want to hook up. Even though I didn’t choose them to join me for the concert, they still want to meet me because they see me as a fun, creative guy.

Several non-finalists have offered to take me out (one offered to take me to an Eric Clapton concert even when I didn’t choose her). I have followed up with a few for coffee dates. A couple of women have told me that my idea inspired them and they were going to run a similar contest.

The ads are a fun and creative way to get a woman’s attention and get them pursuing you. Your creativity and boldness establishes you as a person of value and status in women’s eyes.

The contest is also a good test, because the women who respond to these ads have a sense of adventure and spontaneity. The participants automatically qualify themselves as “cool chicks”.

Create your own contest and post it on Craig’s List. Experiment and have fun. Make up contests for things like an afternoon at the shooting range, a wine tasting, a comedy show, a book reading anything you do well or have fun doing.

Make spending time with you the prize.

photo by kballard

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