Daniel Duane, Do Men Suck at Friendship? (Episode #265)

“Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” -Muhammad Ali

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Men’s friendship can be a complicated thing to understand. Thankfully we have research and resources to help us out. On today’s episode of The Art of Charm we also have Daniel Duane, contributing writer for Men’s Journal magazine.

Daniel is here to give us his insights, and what science has shown us about friendship between men. We discuss findings from multiple scientific researches as well as his personal shares about his own experience of losing a friend.

Today, we dive even deeper into the male friendship arena and discuss topics like:

  • Why men suck at friendship.
  • How many friends do we need?
  • How many friends can our brains handle?
  • The different types of friends, including why it’s ok to have friendships for different activities.
  • What is the Male Deficit Model and why you should care?
  • How friendships between men and women differ.
  • If men and women can actually be just friends.
  • A study that proves men are bad communicators AND how we suffer as a result.
  • Why having no friends will kill you. Literally kill you.

Daniel shares with us why friendships can and are just as important as eating healthy and exercising to our long-term health. Social connections outside our family and spouse are quite important because they are linked to reducing biological stress markers and weakening immune system.

We talk about all this and more on this fascinating discussion in this episode of The Art of Charm.

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