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How to Bounce Back From Challenging Times (Episode 728)

How to Bounce Back From Challenging Times (Episode 728)

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About This Episode

If you want to want to flourish no matter what life throws at you, you must develop a solid foundation of resilience – but what is resilience, why is it so important to our overall happiness and success in life, and how do we make sure we have enough of it to get through the unavoidable blows to our confidence and self-esteem we all take throughout our lives?

What to Listen For

  • What three myths do we hear about in every Art of Charm Bootcamp?
  • Johnny touches on why it’s important to never get too comfortable about your own level of confidence
  • Why is a heavy focus on self-esteem dangerous for your confidence and what is the science that backs that up?
  • How does bullying start and what can you do to mitigate it in your children?
  • Why is resiliency more important than self-esteem and what can you do to cultivate resilience in yourself and others?
  • What is the operating manual for running our lives and how do we rewrite it to empower us?
  • What do you need to do before you can start feeling confident?
  • How much of your confidence is determined by your genetics and what does this mean for your ability to build confidence?
  • What two consequences are guaranteed when you step outside of your comfort zone and how can you prepare for them?
  • How do you build a healthy outlook on failure and what can it do for your future potential?
  • What is the proven CAKE equation and how can you use it to work on your confidence every day?
  • Why can coaching help you bring your confidence to a level you didn’t think possible?

If your existence in this world was a skyscraper, the beautiful mirror finish would be your self-esteem, the strong internal structure would be your confidence, and the unbreakable foundation would be your resilience.

Without the internal support of your confidence, your “shiny” self-esteem is a fragile shell waiting to buckle at the first sign of stress. And building confidence without a solid foundation of resilience is asking for trouble. Something is eventually going to shake your confidence, so why wouldn’t you want a solid foundation in place to ensure you don’t have to rebuild your confidence from the ground up every time life throws another curveball your way?

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