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Art of Charm Toolbox | Escaping the Friend Zone (Episode 208)

AoC Toolbox | Escaping the Friend Zone (Episode 208)

AJ Harbinger, Johnny Dzubak, and Justin Jensen of The Art of Charm crew get together to discuss the dreaded Friend Zone: Why you’re in it. How to get out of it. How to avoid it in the first place. Why it can actually be a good thing. How to turn getting ‘friend-zoned’ into an opportunity (but not the kind you … Read More

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Justin Jensen | Top Excuses for Not Coming to AoC (Episode 206)

Jordan and Justin explore the most common excuses that guys have for why they can't change their lives

Since the foundation of The Art of Charm, thousands of students have come through our doors, graduated, and left as the type of man they’ve always wanted to be. Unfortunately, thousands more have made an excuse not to take action. Perhaps you’re one of them. In this episode, Jordan Harbinger and Justin Jensen explore (and then debunk) some of the … Read More

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Art of Charm Toolbox | Secrets of Social Value: Value Revisited (Episodes 103, 104, & 105)

AoC Toolbox | Secrets of Social Value: Value Revisited (Episodes 103, 104, & 105)

Who decides what you’re socially worth? People make assumptions about you just by seeing the way you interact with and react to others. We just re-made the The Art of Charm Podcast Value Toolbox episodes because we feel they’re so important. This kind of knowledge can change your life — everyday interactions with your friends and family will take on a … Read More

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