Art of Charm Toolbox | Vocal Tonality (Episode 236)

Want to feel more confident presenting, speaking to groups, or while expressing yourself in simple conversation? Then this vocal tonality episode is for you.

In this long-awaited edition of The Art of Charm Toolbox, AJ and Jordan Harbinger outline some of the basics of solid vocal tonality, including drills and exercises to improve your voice and hone your pitch, cadence, and tone, as well as begin to eliminate filler words and vocal tics.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel more confident presenting, speaking to groups, or expressing yourself in simple conversation, this episode is for you.

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(Download Transcript Here)

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Jordan Harbinger - author of 703 posts on The Art of Charm

Jordan Harbinger has spent several years abroad in Europe and the developing world, including South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, and speaks several languages. He has also worked for various governments and NGOs overseas, traveled through war zones, and been kidnapped -- twice. He’ll tell you the only reason he’s still alive and kicking is because of his ability to talk his way into (and out of) just about any type of situation. Here at The Art of Charm, Jordan shares that experience, and the system borne as a result, with students and clients.


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