Art of Charm Toolbox | Relationship Red Flags (Episode 230)

We’ve identified over 20 of the most surprising relationship red flags for you to watch out for here! Which red flags do you see in yourself?

Relationship red flags may seem small and are very easy to excuse.

And here’s the tricky part: many of these overlooked warning signs are your actions or inactions, and not your partner’s.

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Note: this is not a list of online dating red flags, which is a totally separate issue altogether. We’re not addressing that here.

We’ve identified over 20 of the most surprising warning signs for you to dig through, including:

  • How to tell if your significant other is just using you to fill a void in her or his life. (08:31)
  • The number one sign that she or he has commitment issues. (14:20)
  • When to label her or him as “too good to be true.” (20:09)
  • 17 more red flags to watch out for.

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