Shawn Stevenson | Hack Your Sleep (Episode #286)

Shawn Stevenson talks about why sleep matters and the impact a lack of sleep can have on every aspect of our health.

“When your sleep is on point, everything you’re doing is going to get better.” -Shawn Stevenson powered by Sounder     Sleep: It’s commonly accepted that we should sleep 8 hours a night. But is that really true? Does the quantity of sleep we’re getting matter or is this a case of quality over quantity? And what does sleep do for us anyway, is … Read More

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Charlie Tips | Raising Young Millionaires (Episode #277)

If the 'World's Most Interesting Man' were a dad, he'd be Charlie Tips. Charlie gives parenting and life advice to those of us shooting for the stars.

“Nobody ever got rich working for a living.”  -Grandpa Tips powered by Sounder     If the ‘World’s Most Interesting Man’ were a dad, he’d be Charlie Tips, our guest for episode 277. Charlie gives parenting and life advice to those of us shooting for raising young millionaires, including: How to educate your kids to be ‘billionaires’ Why public schools … Read More

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Tucker Max | I Used to Be an A-hole (Episode 260)

Best-selling 'fratire' author Tucker Max discusses emotional promiscuity, emotional health, and why he gave up the party animal way-of-life.

“I’m just starting to scratch the surface of what really makes me happy and it’s taken me a while to admit that acting like a little child and being a jerk and a punk is fun.” –Leonardo DiCaprio powered by Sounder     Emotional intelligence allows you to have a connected, healthy relationship with the type of person perfect for … Read More

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Elliott Hulse, Strength Camp (Episode #256)

elliott hulse strength camp

“Every action is measured by the sentiment from which it proceeds.” -Emerson powered by Sounder     Mild-mannered yet Super-Human, Elliott Hulse both terrifies and delights small children (and adults). He is a super charismatic strength coach, motivational teacher and a personal development instructor who talks about his experiences on being mentally as well as physically strong. He takes us … Read More

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Robert Greene | 7-Year Anniversary Special (Episode 250)

Special 7-year anniversary of The Art of Charm. Robert Greene and Jordan Harbinger discuss mastery, life-purpose and finding mentors to help you get there.

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” -Leonardo Da Vinci powered by Sounder     Jordan’s Note: this is the 7-year anniversary episode of The Art of Charm Podcast.  Since we couldn’t and wouldn’t have ever done this without your support, I’ve written a special letter to you, the fans, at the end, so stay tuned for it. Here’s … Read More

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