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““You move away from life and the living will strike you from their lists.” —Le Petit Soldat The Cheat Sheet: How introverts and extroverts deal with social situations How introverts can become extraverted S­taying focused and on your purpose Why basics and fundamentals trump techniques, every time How to be a celebrity in your local watering hole Anthony Recenello began … Read More

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BONUS: Tai Lopez | Earn More, Learn More and Deserve It All

Tai Lopez is a multi-millionaire and life experimenter who dates the world's most beautiful women. Today he talks about earning more and deserving the best.

“What makes homo sapiens the dominant force on the planet for the last 150,000 years is the brain.”  – Tai Lopez What would you call a man who spent his teenage years in a mobile home park, lived with the Amish for 2.5 years as an experiment, was a professional tango dancer, dated a Brazilian model, was a self-made millionaire in … Read More

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Shawn Stevenson | Hack Your Sleep (Episode #286)

Shawn Stevenson talks about why sleep matters and the impact a lack of sleep can have on every aspect of our health.

“When your sleep is on point, everything you’re doing is going to get better.” -Shawn Stevenson (DIRECT DOWNLOAD) Sleep: It’s commonly accepted that we should sleep 8 hours a night. But is that really true? Does the quantity of sleep we’re getting matter or is this a case of quality over quantity? And what does sleep do for us anyway, is it that important? Shawn … Read More

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Charlie Tips | Raising Young Millionaires (Episode #277)

If the 'World's Most Interesting Man' were a dad, he'd be Charlie Tips. Charlie gives parenting and life advice to those of us shooting for the stars.

“Nobody ever got rich working for a living.”  -Grandpa Tips Download audio file If the ‘World’s Most Interesting Man’ were a dad, he’d be Charlie Tips, our guest for episode 277. Charlie gives parenting and life advice to those of us shooting for raising young millionaires, including: How to educate your kids to be ‘billionaires’ Why public schools actually teach … Read More

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