Break-Ups & Divorce

Manage endings with self-awareness and ease
Endings are never easy. Life transitions can be challenging. But these moments define who we are, and give us a chance to chart a new future. In this section, we discuss how to handle all kinds of break-ups — romantic, professional, and platonic — and emerge a better, stronger, more successful person.

Grand Unified Theory of Ending Relationships

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve discussed ending relationships that are toxic, how to breakup without being a jerk, and how to leave your job like a boss. Noticing a common philosophy in each of those pieces, we started wondering if there might be a Grand Unified Theory of Ending Relationships: a set of principles that governs all break-ups. Sure … Read More

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How to Break Up Without Being a Jerk

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One of the most common scenarios I encounter as a coach is working with guys who are in mediocre relationships. They’re not thrilled about their significant others, yet they stay with them, month after month, year after year. Why? Sometimes it’s a shared history that keeps them together. In other cases, it’s the fear of being alone. (On the Periodic … Read More

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