How To Be Vulnerable

The last article I wrote was about the strength and power vulnerability has. Today I want to talk to you about a few tactics to help  you achieve a deeper vulnerability. First, let’s try to erase the first thoughts that come to mind when I mention the word vulnerability. Let’s face it, look up the word vulnerable in any source … Read More

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5 Reasons You Might Of Ended Up Here

Everyone one ends up here for one reason or another and today I thought it would be interesting to write out the top 5 I see from my position.  I’ll start with number 5 and work my way down. So here it goes ladies and gentlemen. 5. The thought of going to another networking event kills you.  Yes, introversion and … Read More

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Remember To Get Her Number

Several times in the last week I had gotten E-mails from several guys about forgetting to get the number of a rad girl they had met. This has happened to everybody at one time or another and I want to help you put together a way that you’ll always remember to get her number.   If you met a girl … Read More

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Where Is Your Swagger?

Swagger is an intriguing word. It is something all men want yet have trouble defining. Whenever you look up the definition of swagger, you can find two meanings of the word; one that talks about carrying yourself in a confident manner while the other is about carrying yourself in a loud, arrogant and boastful manner.

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Why Women Don’t Understand What Men Say

“Men are simple? You really think men are simple?” she asked me again, in a voice filled with skeptical curiosity. She obviously didn’t agree with me, or thought I was deluded. I had just met her at a small get-together the night before. She was one of my male friend’s dates, and we’d run into each other again the next … Read More

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