Top 5 Signs of Disinterest

When looking to decode the body language of attraction it’s not enough to only know the signs a girl is interested in you.  You also want to be aware of the possible signs a girl is disinterested.  That way you’ll know when it’s time to steer the conversation in another direction, or cut your losses and move on.  To help you spot these signals here are 5 signs of disinterest you can look for when looking to decode the body language of attraction.

1. Contempt

Contempt is one of the hardest emotions to rebound from.  When a girl feels contempt towards you there’s very little chance things will escalate anytime soon.  So if you see the sign of contempt your best move may simply be to gracefully bow out and move on to another girl.

What does contempt look like?  Contempt is shown when a girl pulls back just one corner of her mouth while the rest of her face remains more-or-less still.  This signal is often confused with a half-smile, so guys sometimes see contempt and mistake it for a body language sign of attraction.  The key difference however, is that smiles are caused by a contraction of the muscles around the eye, while contempt uses just the muscles around the mouth.  Because a smile comes from the muscles around the eye, seeing “crow’s feet” next to someone’s eye is a great sign that what you are seeing is a genuine half-smile.  If crow’s feet don’t appear when the corner of her lip is pulled back, then it’s likely the look you’re seeing is contempt.

2. Disgust

A second sign of disinterest you can spot just by looking at a woman’s face is disgust.  This is shown when a woman raises one nostril of her nose, and her upper lip snarls up along with it.

When faced with disgust, contempt, or any other negative emotion guys will often try to turn the tables dramatically.  They’ll try to get the woman to shift from disgusted and annoyed to happy and engaged (perhaps by coming on strong with jokes and banter).  But this is often a mistake.  If you want to bring a woman to a more positive emotional state, look to do it gradually.  Bring her from a negative state to a neutral one, and then go from that neutral state to a positive.  If you can meet a girl at the emotional place she’s at and guide her from there to a more positive emotional state, you’ll be far more likely to start seeing body language signs of attraction.

3. Eye blocking

If a girl doesn’t like what she’s seeing she may start “eye blocking”.  This could be her touching/covering her eyes, blinking for a long period of time, or even just squinting briefly.  Gestures like these where she covers up her eyes can be her subtle way of distancing herself from what’s going on in front of her. Eye contact is crucial for determining interest, so this is a glaring sign.

This kind of signal is not just seen in the eyes.  A girl may, for instance, start touching or rubbing her ears if she doesn’t like what she’s hearing.  She may also purse her lips together if she feels unsettled, or disagrees with what you’re saying.

4. Closed body language

It’s not just the face that shows signs of disinterest but the rest of woman’s body as well.  Her arms, legs, torso, and even feet can all give off signals that tell you whether or not she’s interested in you.

A woman with her arms crossed over her chest is essentially creating a barrier between you.  This again is a subtle way of distancing herself.  She may form a barrier with her legs as well, crossing her legs away from you if she’s beginning to lose interest.  But keep in mind this signal goes both ways.  If you see a woman remove barriers – if she uncrosses her arms as she talks to you or crosses her legs toward you – then those can be seen as strong body language signs of attraction.

As mentioned earlier, the torso can also be used to gauge a woman’s interest.  If her body is open to you and her chest is facing you fully you know she’s interested and engaged.  If she’s positioning her torso away so she’s no longer facing you directly, it can be a sign she’s lost interest.  This same pattern also applies for her feet.  If her feet are pointed towards you, she’s interested and engaged in the conversation.  If they’re pointed away, then she’s looking to start walking elsewhere.

5. Ventilating

When a woman is unhappy with someone or something in her environment she may pull her blouse or shirt away from her.  Either she’ll pull the collar away from her neck or fan out the bottom of her blouse to let air in.  Regardless of how it’s done, a ventilation sign like this signals that the woman is not pleased.

This would be a good time to note that when reading body language (whether it’s the body language of attraction or of disinterest) it’s important to look for multiple signals.  If one act of ventilation is all you have to go on you could misread her body language.  After all she may just be hot and need to cool down.  But if it’s not hot and you see that act of ventilation mixed with, say, a look of disgust, or the woman crossing her legs away from you, then you can be much more certain that she is in losing interest.

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