Tips on Dating a Workaholic

fotolia_43176695Dating a workaholic can be tough. Especially as things get more serious, you might feel slighted by someone having something in their life that’s more important than you. Still, if someone is “married to their job” you might need some tips on dating them for no matter what stage of your relationship the two of you are at. The Art of Charm is here to help you make the most out of dating a workaholic.

Accept That Her Job Comes First

This is one of the tips on dating a workaholic hardest to swallow: When you date a workaholic, it’s important to accept that her job comes first. Expecting otherwise is a great way to set yourself up for disappointment. What’s more, if you keep trying to change her, that can lead to resentment, which is just about the best formula going to destroy a relationship. Instead, accept that she is who she is and work around it. The two of you can still have a great time together.

Don’t Take It Personally

When she works long hours or ditches out on dates because of work-related stuff, you can’t take it personally, get jealous or be suspicious. This is part of acceptance. Taking it personally is a supplicative and needy behavior that’s going to put you in a bad position, as well as drain the relationship between the two of you. The best course of action is to always take it in stride.

Know Her Schedule

Once a week or so, get a sense of what her work schedule is like. That way, you know when she’s going to be available and when she’s not. It’s going to make it a lot easier for you to plan dates with a workaholic. You don’t have to know what she’s doing every minute of every day, but knowing roughly when she’s on the clock and when she’s not is going to not only help you to schedule dates, but also shows respect for her time. That goes a long way toward becoming the top priority for her time when she has any to spare.

Make the Most Out of Dates

When you do have time with her, get the most out of it with these tips on dating. This means thinking about what it is that you want to get out of that time. Do you want an adventure? A quiet night out? A quiet night in? These are questions you need to consider more carefully when you date a workaholic because of her hectic schedule. You have less time with her, so it needs to be more meaningful.

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