The Relationship Between Smile and Attraction

You might be surprised to hear my simple and effective secret weapon when it comes to attracting to women: My smile. There’s definitely a relationship between a smile and attraction. What’s more, having a good smile is as at least as much acquired skill as genetic trait. Here’s how you can start leveling up your game by showing those pearly whites.

Why Is a Smile Important?

The relationship between your smile and attraction is a deep-seated evolutionary connection. A smile speaks to the caveman inside all of us. It says, “I’m not a threat.” In the modern world, it also says that you’re fun, carefree and outgoing. In fact, a genuine smile showed up as one of the top ten things that women like in a man in a recent eHarmony study. Finally, smiling has a number of health benefits, including lowered blood pressure and a boosted immune system. Any way you look at it, smiling is a good idea.

Smiling Makes a Difference

The bulk of human communication doesn’t have anything to do with the words we use. In fact, your body language is the main way that you communicate. This means that being aware of your body language can be a very powerful tool, socially. A smile is what makes the difference between “get out of here” being a light-hearted jest and a threat. Similarly, a broad and sincere smile can be the thing that starts making you the social animal you’ve always dreamt of being.

How to Smile With Your Whole Face

The key that connects a smile and attraction is smiling with your whole face, not just your mouth. When you smile with your whole face, your cheeks should come up and the corners of your eyes should crinkle a bit.

Smiling with your whole face can take a bit of practice, especially if you’re not used to doing it. Take a little time and stand in the mirror practicing your smile. The best way to do this is to vividly recall a time when you were really happy or something that made you laugh really hard. In fact, starting with a laugh is one of the best ways to get going. Don’t worry if you have to force it or it looks a little “fake” at first — it will come.

Before you head out for the night, exaggerate your smile. Do this exaggerated smile for 30 seconds before you go into the bar or the club. Then let it relax a bit. This is one of best ways to get the broad, winning smile that’s going to get you noticed and level up your game with women.

In the Club

When you get to the club, keep that smile strong. Don’t worry about exaggerating it and don’t feel like you have to keep your face frozen. But when the opportunity calls for it, go back to your big, broad smile. Always have a broad smile on when approaching a woman. Try this the next time you go out. You’ll be amazed at how such a simple thing can make such a big difference in your social life.

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