The Art of Body Posture: How to Project Confidence With One Simple Change

slouchingWhat if I told you that there was one simple thing you could do that would radically change your game tonight? You’re interested I bet. The good news is that not only is this true, it’s also a lot simpler than you probably think. Once you learn the power of the art of body posture, you’ll never slouch again.

The Importance of the Art of Body Posture

Body posture is important for a few reasons. First, we want to project confidence from the moment that we walk into a room. We also want people to feel that they can approach us, to not be intimidated. Body language sends a subtle, but powerful message that you’re a confident, but approachable man. Indeed, 60 percent of your communication is in the form of body language, with only 10 percent in the words you use. As you can see, body language is very important — and very powerful.

Look Confident: Stand Up Straight

This is the foundation of the art of body posture: Stand up straight. Imagine a string attached to the top of your head pulling you up and another pulling down your feet. Keep the spine straight, the shoulders relaxed and the chin up. This has the benefit of making you look confident, but also taller. Any time you enter a room check your body quickly; Are you standing up straight? If not, take a second and correct your posture.

Look Approachable: Hands By Your Side

A lot of men put their hands behind their back, in their pockets or crossed in front of them when they go out. This can make you look standoffish, arrogant or unapproachable. Stand in front of a mirror with your arms hanging at your side while standing up straight. How do you look? It might seem uncomfortable to you at first, but it’s an easy habit to cultivate — and one that will have women approaching you more.

Look Interested: Maintain Eye Contact

One of the best ways to create attraction is to give attention and thus, value, to another person. Maintaining eye contact is a simple way to do this. Don’t feel the need to “stare” at someone; Just maintain eye contact when they’re talking. Don’t look around the room for other people to talk to or check your phone repeatedly. Keep your attention and focus on the person you’re talking to. It’s the perfect, simple and subtle way to say, “I’m interested. I dig you.”

A New You In Three Simple Steps

When you go out tonight, try these three things along with approaching every woman that you want to talk to immediately. See what a difference it makes in terms of your social game. You’re going to notice that women are more receptive to you. The best part? Acting like a confident man makes you feel more confident, which in turns makes more people view you as confident, which in turn makes you feel more confident. We call this the righteous circle and it’s a great thing to get caught up in.

Start changing your social life tonight.

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