How to Talk to Girls Online

Talking to girls can always be difficult. Especially how to talk to girls online. And while some guys find it easier to talk to girls online, other guys find it harder. No matter where you’re at when it comes to talking to girls online, you can always use some pointers to help make your game better. If you’ve never given serious thought about the way that you talk to girls online, this is the article for you.

Flirting and Teasing Is Ok

Not only is flirting and teasing OK when you talk to girls online, it can also be a heck of a lot easier for guys who get nervous doing that kind of stuff in person. Don’t get me wrong — you definitely want to hone your “in person” game as well. Still, online can be a great place to practice it. One thing that you want to do to make sure she knows that you’re being playful is emoticons. Even if that’s not really your thing, having some Emoji just for when you flirt with girls can really help you to sell your flirting and teasing when you talk to girls online.

Getting To Know Her Can Be Boring

At the same time, “getting to know you” type conversations online can be really boring. Online chats are the place to say things that are exciting, playful and maybe even a little outrageous. Getting to know you conversations generally work best when the two of you are in the same room together. The reason being, most communication has very little to do with the words that you use and a lot more to do with things like body language and tone of voice. All of the excitement of getting to know you is stripped away when chatting online. On the other hand, it can be a lot easier to push the envelope when flirting, so…

Don’t Be Afraid to Push the Envelope

When it comes to how to talk to girls online, you always want to be respectful, but you also want to be exciting. Again, especially for men who have trouble pushing the envelope in person, doing it online can be a great way to stretch yourself. This is where those emoticons are going to help. Something that you say without one might be taken offensively. However, if you use an emoticon it can make all the difference between her giving you back as good as she’s getting and stopping the conversation completely. Remember, if there’s a fun, light and playful element, she’s much more likely to tell you to slow down if you say something she doesn’t like than she is to end the interaction entirely.

Always Move Toward a Date

Talking to girls online can be fun, but remember that you’re doing it for a reason: You want to move toward a date. After you do a bit of flirting, bust out some killer date ideas and tell her that the two of you should get together and do them sometime. If she’s not that into the first idea, don’t be afraid to throw another one out there. She might be busy or she might just not like that idea, but still want to spend time with you. Now you know how to talk to girls online 🙂

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