How to Flirt With Women Online

How to flirt with women online. It’s a lot like flirting with women in the real world. Or is it? There are definitely some similarities, but there are also some key differences. Being aware of the similarities and differences regarding online flirting will help you to have a far better game online than not. Read this article if you’re having with how to flirt with girls online or if you’re not getting women you meet online to go on dates with you.

Keeping It Light

One of the things that’s basically the same is that you need to keep things light. “Getting to know you” conversation should be saved for when the two of you are up close and in person. This is because most of communication isn’t about the words that you use: It’s about your body language and your tone of voice. Instead, use the Internet for flirting, chatting and getting her interested — as well as expressing interest.

Emojis Are Your Friend

We get that emoticons might not be your thing. When it comes to how to flirt with women online, however, they’re absolutely essential. A lot of the things that you say when you flirt only communicate properly if you do them with a smile. Obviously, you can’t smile when you’re flirting with her online. You can, however, use emoticons and emojis to communicate a playful attitude in your flirting online. Not only can you, it’s pretty much essential. Get yourself a good deck of go-to emoticons and emojis to help you with online flirting.

Pushing the Envelope

When you flirt with women, you should be pushing the envelope, moving things forward. The emojis can help you to do that, by letting her know that you’re being playful and fun. You always want to respect boundaries, but go ahead and push the envelope. Escalate. Say things that might even be a little outrageous, but are always rooted in a sense of play and fun. You might find it hard to do this in person, so doing it online might be a little bit easier. Again, you don’t want to be pushy or rude. You just want to keep things moving forward.

Going After the Date

The important thing to remember when you’re thinking about how to flirt with a woman online is that you want to always be moving things toward the date. You want to do this sooner rather than later. Chatting endlessly and getting to know her isn’t the goal: The goal is to get her to agree to go out with you.

Don’t ask for the date: After you’ve been flirting and chatting for a bit, tell her that you think you two should get together some time. Suggest a time, place and event. If she’s not into it at first, try something else. She might be into you, just not your date idea. Alternately, she might be into your date idea, but the time might not work for her.

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