Seduce Women Like a Gentleman

Seduction is a great thing. Or at least it can be. But when you seduce women you have to do it the right way. When you engage in the art of seduction, you need to do it like a gentleman — that’s the only way you’re going to get the lady that you deserve. To seduce women like a gentleman is no accident. Here’s our quick guide on how you can be the type of man that women find irresistible, the sexiest gentleman on the block.

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Always Treat Her With Respect

When it comes to seducing women like a gentleman this is the golden rule: Always treat the woman you’re trying to seduce with respect. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be flirty, edgy or maybe even a little bit dirty if that’s what it calls for. It just means that you always have to do this in a respectful manner, one that doesn’t make her feel cheap, easy or like you’re trying to use her.

That is, after all, what being a gentleman is all about.

Push the Envelope, Respect Her Boundaries

This is part and parcel of what we talked about above. It’s OK to push the envelope a little bit. In fact, as a man, it’s your responsibility to move things forward while she paces you. That’s a big part of seduction, even when you’re doing it in a gentlemanly fashion. At the same time, you have to let her be the pace car, let her slow you down when things are moving too fast for her. Remember that if you back off a little bit that this can easily be a case of “two steps forward, one step back.” More often than not, she’s going to end up moving things even further than you had before.

Never Promise What You Can’t Deliver

One of the big differences between gentlemen and the rest of the crowd? A gentleman never promises what he can’t deliver. Anything that you say you can do when you’re in seduction is something that you’re going to have to deliver on when the time comes. No empty boasts!

Wine and Dine Her

A gentleman likes to wine and dine his lady during seduction. Note that you don’t — and shouldn’t — use your money as the only way that you seduce women. However, if, in the course of seduction, you want to take her out to nice meals or even just bring a bottle of wine that shows that you have good taste, you’re definitely going to be playing the “G” card.

Make Your Move Confidently and Directly

When it comes time to man up and make the move, nothing beats doing it directly and with confidence. Like Nike says, just do it. She’ll be glad that you did.

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