How to Read Women’s Body Language

One of the things that any man seeking success with women must learn is how to read women body language. Her words might say one thing, but what her body language says is going to tell you a lot more about what she’s thinking and feeling. Learning how to read her body language is going to take some time and practice. But with this crash course in women body language, you should be able to start making serious inroads the very next time that you go out.

Look For Smiling

A woman might say she’s having a great time, but if she’s grimacing, that’s a pretty clear indication on the part of her body language that she’s not. On the other hand, you won’t have to ask how she’s feeling if you look at her face while you two are hanging out together. All you have to do is look for the smile, a genuine smile that takes up her whole face and you’re going to know what the score is. Smiling is one of the most obvious pieces of women body language to read and one of the most unambiguous.

Is She Touching You?

Touching of any kind generally indicates interest. Much like smiling, it’s a very clear expression of body language that’s almost always unambiguous. Even if she’s touching you in an “accidental” way, if she doesn’t move away, that means she’s not touching you by accident at all. Pay attention to this. It’s one of the clear signs of female attraction that a lot of men miss.

Body Angle

This type of body language is a lot more subtle, but it’s unmistakable nonetheless. Look at her body language. How much of her body is facing toward you? How much of it is facing away from you? Basically, the more turned toward you she is, the more interested she is in you. The more turned away, the less interested she is. Pay attention to this, but don’t agonize over it if she turns a couple degrees away from you. This type of body language is more important to watch when it is either very obvious or over the long term. Don’t spend lots of time trying to analyze every little more that she makes.

Eye Contact

Eye contact can go a few different ways. If she’s making a lot of eye contact with you it generally means that she’s interested. However, this is an ambiguous type of body language. She might be looking away because she’s nervous, not uninterested. The thing that you need to do if she appears to be nervous is get her to relax a little. Check in with her body language from time to time to see if she’s letting herself relax a bit. If you can move her from nervous to calm, cool and collected, you won’t need to keep looking at her body language to know that she’s having a great time.

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