How to Pick Up a Girl at the Gym

If you go to the gym you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of seriously fine looking women there. Of course there are! It’s a place completely dedicated to people trying to look their best. This might make it even harder for you to when it comes to how to pick up a girl at the gym. You don’t need to be afraid to try and talk to women when you’re at the gym; It’s just another place where women are, no more, no less. Here’s a little secret: most men want to know how to pick up girls at the gym because they have NEVER even tried.

Approach With Confidence

This is the piece of advice that you need when you’re trying to talk to women wherever you might be. However, at the gym it’s especially crucial. You’re surrounded by men who are either confident or really good at pretending to be; This means that you need to be one or the other, especially when you go to make your approach to pick up girls at the gym. Confidence helps people to feel relaxed around you and it’s one of the most attractive qualities out there.

Start Light

When you approach her, the best thing to do is to use a light approach. Lead with a playful joke. This is the way to begin a conversation because it allows her to relax a little and not feel like you’re coming on too strong. It also allows the two of you to instantly start creating a connection over the joke while also lowering her guard a little bit — it might be up because she’s being approached in a place that isn’t a traditional place for socializing.

Timing Is Everything

When it comes to how to pick up a girl at the gym, timing is everything. You don’t want to approach her when she’s in the middle of a particularly intense set, nor probably when she’s out of breath on the treadmill. Instead, you want to pick the right time, get in, get out and make the whole thing as fast as possible. You’re not going to go on a date at the gym. What you’re trying to do here is banter, flirt a little have a quick chat, get her number and then set up a date for another time.

Keep Your Compliments Non-Physical

It’s OK to compliment her, but you want to keep them nonphysical when you are trying to talk to girl at gym. The gym is a touchy place. Women — even ones that are in great shape — can be more self-conscious here than just about any other place. So tell her that you think she’s cool, that you dig her, that she’s interesting, whatever. Just don’t tell her that she’s hot or even compliment something that she’s working on at the time. Take for granted that she already know that you’re attracted to her. Give her compliments about anything else.

Get Her Number and Bounce

Like we said above, time is of the essence. So what you want to do is very quickly proceed to telling her that you want to get together some time, hand her your phone, ready to receive her number and tell her that you want to call her. Then text her so that she has your number. That’s it. It might make good sense to do all of this when you’re leaving the gym.

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