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Online dating is just a part of the dating scene these days. Still, a lot of men aren’t sure how to optimize their online dating profile for maximum results. Look no further than The Art of Charm. We’re huge fans of online dating and we want to help you to take it to the next level. Here are five solid online dating tips on how you can make your dating profile the best out there.

Naked man trying to impress during webcam chatPhotos: Less Is More

When it comes to putting photos on your online dating profile, less is more. You should have one good shot of your face, one good shot of your body (shirt off only if the context of the photo makes sense — for example, at a pool party or the beach — no shirtless selfies) and a couple of you that are more “candid.” No more than five photos are needed.

Be Up Front

The whole point of online dating is that it allows you to more easily connect with women that you have things in common with in a shorter period of time. This means that hiding who you are runs totally counter to your goals. A very important aspect in our online dating tips is: Be up front about who you are. If you’re a huge gamer “nerd,” don’t be afraid to say it. Not only are there women out there that are as interested in video games as you are, some women who aren’t might just find it endearing nonetheless.

Filtering Out

You don’t want to have a huge laundry list of red flags — that, in and of itself, can be an understandable red flag. On the other hand, putting a few of your biggest dealbreakers (no smokers, for example) in your online dating profile can save a lot of time. Remember, we’re tryng to use the online dating profile as a tool to meet the women we’re most suited for dating. Throwing out two or three of your biggest dealbreakers isn’t just going to keep the right women out, it’s also going to make you look like a man who can afford to be selective; and you are.

Filtering In

At the same time you want to filter and even invite some women in. Don’t be afraid to put statements in your profile like “If you’re a fan of X you have to get hold of me” or telling some type of woman to “move to the front of the line.” This can be a seriously confident power move, as well as demonstrating to the type of woman that you’re interested in that you want her in your life.

Keep It Positive

Of all these online dating tips to remember, you want to be positive and upbeat in your profile. This includes when talking about yourself as well as the type of woman that you would like to date. Fewer things are more inviting than positivity. On the other hand, fewer things are more of a turnoff than someone who is relentlessly negative.

If you need more online dating tipson how to optimize your online dating profile, check out The Art of Charm Academy. It’s chock full of tips on how to make the most out of online dating. Best of all, it only costs one dollar to get started.

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