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Online dating can be challenging, but it all begins with sending the right message. If you send a killer message you can get started on the right foot. If you start sending the wrong messages, you’re digging a hole that’s going to be harder and harder for you to get out of. The Art of Charm does a lot of work when it comes to helping guys hone their online dating game. Here’s how you can make it happen for you in the world of online dating with these effective online dating message tips..

DO: Flirt and Banter

You want to flirt and banter. First of all because it’s fun and fun is always the name of the game. This is a great way to distinguish yourself from the guys competing with you on the site: Chances are a lot of them aren’t starting off by being light, playful and fun. Rather, they’re making one of the biggest mistakes that a guy can make when it comes to messaging women on online dating websites.

DON’T: Engage in “Getting to Know You”

“Getting to know you” conversations are best kept for when the two of you are on an actual date. This is because most of communication isn’t the words you use: It’s your body language and tone of voice. All told, you’re stripping about 90 percent of your communication away when you restrict it to an online format. So stick to the playful banter, even when you’re discussing mutual interests, hobbies and the like. Leave the more serious stuff for your date.

DO: Move to Social Media as Fast as Possible

Dating websites are great places to meet women, but they’re not the best way to learn who she really is. Social networks will tell you a lot more about her. So as soon as you possibly can, you want to move things from the dating website and on to social media. When you’re on a social network website you can learn a lot about her from what she’s been posting, what’s being posted on her wall, what things she comments on and who she associates with generally.

These are all insights that you’re never going to get on her OKCupid profile.

DON’T: Message Girls You Have Nothing in Common With

One of the great things about dating online is that it allows you access to all kinds of women that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to meet. However, we still want to have standards. This means that you generally shouldn’t “shotgun” women that you’re not interested in. Message as many women as you can find that you’re attracted to and think that you’re going to have some kind of a connection with.

DO: Close for the Date ASAP

Don’t spend too much time chatting online. Once the two of you have established a connection, you want to close for the date. Tell her that you want to get together some time and suggest a public place where the two of you can get to know each other a little better.

These online dating message tips will help you find the perfect match.

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