How To Flirt With Women

When it comes to meeting and charming women, you’ll get nowhere without good conversation. Banter and flirting are the backbone of seduction, and your words can unlock new opportunities and jump start a relationship. Just as easily, however, saying the wrong things can lead to disaster. The tools you need for the best banter and flirting have been covered extensively by Pickup Podcast. Here are some of our highlights:

Banter Podcasts Parts 1 & 2

The guys cover how to use role-playing to keep things casual, utilize push/pull techniques and otherwise charm and seduce women with your words.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Banter Revisited Podcasts 1 & 2

AJ and Jordan return to the same ground, reemphasizing the most important points on banter, offering new examples and developing other concepts to help you round out your banter and flirting skills.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Rob Kramer Interview

One of the PUA community’s most well-known experts on banter and flirting stopped by the Pickup Podcast studios to give our listeners some exclusive advice on how to talk their way into intimacy.

Flirting: Receptiveness vs. Reciprocation

This extensive thread from the Pickup Podcast message boards has tons of great advice from senior members and guys in the field who have used our advice and developed some of their own.


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  1. It is never wise to self depricate !! Let her figure out the reason she won’t fuck you !! Facts and ya’ll are wrong in ya’lls teaching on this subject. I do like the rest of ya’lls material 😊

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