First Date Advice

Couple bowlingIf you need first date advice you’re not alone; A lot of men under the age of 40 have never been on proper dates. Dates when out for a while, but they’ve come back “in” in recent years. This means that men who have never been on a first date before are now finding that they’re going on their first date period. Here’s five tips to help you have the perfect first date every time,

Be Yourself

This should go without saying, but it doesn’t: Be yourself. The best first date advice The Art of Charm can give you is that you should be your best self at all times. This means that if you’re a little geeky, go with it. No matter who you are, don’t be afraid to be yourself. After all, there are tons of women out there that are going to be into who you are: Why pretend to be anything else?

Have Topics In Advance

A lot of guys ask us for advice on what to talk about on a first date. Our first date advice: Have some topics picked out in advance. What those topics are is going to vary from woman to woman. It’s no good to talk sports with a girl who’s more interested in the arts, or vice versa. You don’t need to write them down; Just think of a few things that the two of you have in common to talk about before you go on the date. That’s really going to help you to keep the conversational ball rolling and keep things from getting awkward.

Giving Praise the Right Way

A lot of men make the mistake on a first date that they shouldn’t express interest. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. But rather than just expressing interest generally, you want to do it the right way. The best way to do that is to tell her, at no more than one or two high points during the date, that you think she’s cool or that you’re having a good time. You can even make it more specific than that, like saying “I really like your sense of adventure.” Avoid compliments based on her appearance; She already knows that you’re attracted to her. No need to belabor the point.

Pick an Activity Date

Dinner is one of the worst first dates out there. Why? Because it puts the entire focus on conversation between the two of you. We at The Art of Charm are bigger fans of activity-based dates. This can be anything from going bowling to hitting up an art museum. The reason being, there’s something to do other than talk to each other. It allows for the two of you to get to know each other, without putting undue pressure on either of you to “entertain” the other one.

End it Before It Gets Dull

When it comes to a first date, less is more. That’s why sometimes our first date advice for men is to do things that have a built-in end time. You can always go somewhere else and extend the date. However, having a built-in ends allows her room to want more of you, rather than the opposite.

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