The Art of Value Driven Success (Episode #798)

The Art of Value Driven Success (Episode #798)

To many of us, the word values can sound like a buzzword thrown around in corporate-speak via emails and quarterly earnings calls – but individual values, once understood, can lead to a future of incredible potential, so what are the values we’re referring to, and what can you do to determine your values so you can live the life you’ve always wanted? 

What to Listen For

  • Why is it important for each of us to determine our individual values, and how does living by those values help you to not make terrible decisions?
  • How do you choose your values?
  • What is the problem with goals, and why is the setting of goals not enough?
  • What questions can you ask yourself to determine some of your basic values?
  • How do you decide on company values, and why is it important for your company’s success to find employees who share those values?
  • What are the company values of the Art of Charm?
  • How did AJ Harbinger determine his values and how have they guided him to success?
  • Why does more discipline in your life lead to more freedom?
  • How did Johnny Dzubak determine his values and have they guided him to success?
  • What exercises can you implement today to track whether or not you are living by your values?


If you don’t choose the script for your life, others will do it for you, and there’s no guarantee the script will be conducive to your happiness and fulfillment in life. Your script is dictated by your values, and you can either decide what your values are and live an intentional life driven by them, or you can live a life that is subject to the values of others. If you choose not to choose and understand your values, it can result in a life of self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, and being used by the people around you who are firm in their values or know how to take advantage of people who don’t stand for anything. So, what do you believe in?

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