The Art of Meditation To Get Sh!t Done with Justin Michael Williams (Episode #800)

Meditation and mindfulness have experienced a resurgence in modern western society as people continue struggling to find peace and fulfillment amidst the chaos and materialism of the modern world – so what can meditation teach us about our place in all of this, and how can we incorporate meditation into our daily lives to make us better friends, coworkers, lovers, and humans?


What to Listen For

  • How long should you meditate?
  • What does science say about meditation?
  • What’s the minimum effective dose of meditation?
  • What time of the day is best for meditating and when should you avoid meditating?
  • Why is it so important to be clear with yourself about your intentions?
  • What is the biggest misconception about meditation, especially when it comes to type A personalities? 
  • What is the difference between practicing meditation and practicing mindfulness, and why does it matter?
  • What is meditation supposed to be about, and what do many people mistakenly think it’s about?
  • How did meditation first start and how has it evolved over countless human generations?
  • What does the word “mantra” mean with regards to meditation and why is there such an emphasis placed on having a mantra?
  • What can you do to develop your own mantra to make your meditation practice more personal, more purposeful, and longer-lasting?
  • How often should you revisit your mantra to decide whether or not it’s time for a new one?
  • What questions should you explore when meditating and how can the wrong questions lead you to a negative mental space?


Meditation is not about silencing your mind. Your mind’s sole purpose is to generate thoughts, so to think you can stop your mind from doing the one thing it’s supposed to do is like convincing yourself you can stop your heart from beating and keep living. Meditation is about accepting your thoughts and feelings and then learning to let go of them because they are not you. You experience thoughts and feelings – you are not your thoughts and feelings. 


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