The Art of Leadership in Business with Patrick Lencioni (Episode #801)

The Art of Leadership in Business with Patrick Lencioni (Episode #801)

Company culture might conjure silly images of bag chairs and free lunch to some, but company culture is much more than hip amenities and it can break an organization if it’s dysfunctional – so what is a dysfunctional company culture, how do you risk losing your best talent unless you improve it, and is any company too big or too old to change its ways?

What to Listen For

  • What two areas of business do you need in order to successfully run a business?
  • What are the 5 dysfunctions of management and what can you do to overcome them to build a world-class company culture people want to work with?
  • Why is a willingness to be vulnerable and admit when you don’t know something important to developing a healthy company culture?
  • Is conflict avoidance a good or bad thing in the workplace, and how should you approach disagreements and potential arguments?
  • What does it mean to be trustworthy in a business environment and how can you identify someone who isn’t trustworthy before their failure becomes your failure?
  • What should you do after realizing you are bringing dysfunctional behavior to an organization?
  • What exercises can you do to build trust within your organization, regardless of whether you’re in management or not?
  • What is the number one job killer for an individual within a business organization and what can you do to solve it without spending a dime?
  • What three things do people need at work to love going to work every day and how can you provide those three things without
  • Why is efficiency overrated and effectiveness underrated, and how can a drive for efficiency push out all the people who matter to your organization?
  • What 3 qualities do you need to be a great team player, and why can missing just one of them lead to a disaster?


Company culture is not about giving your employees more benefits, amenities, or unlimited vacation. Among other things, it is about trusting the people you work with, supporting open and honest communication, recognizing the contributions of others, and leadership/management that embodies healthy conflict resolution and leading by example. Without those things clearly communicated and reinforced from the top down, it’s only a matter of time before people get hired that do not believe in the same ideas, which leads to an organization where managers and leadership taking credit for their teams, people feeling isolated and unappreciated, and everyone looking out for themselves rather than the collective good.

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