Robin Dreeke is an author, teacher of social engineering and the chief of the Behavioral Analysis Program at the FBI...but we can't talk about that.

Robin Dreeke | Spy Catcher (Episode 263)

Robin Dreeke | Spy Catcher (Episode 263)

“I know not every mom is a secret KGB spy, but every mom has this whole other life. Every dad and every person has this whole other life.” -Keri Russell

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All relationships require trust for development and influence. Seeing what you can do for others first will help you gain some initial belief. Then you will have to work your way up to create long-term relationships.

Robin Dreeke, is an author and a teacher of social engineering. He is also the Chief of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program and he joins on episode 263 to to share insights on how to gain trust in any relationship. Opinions and concepts expressed on this show are his own and not that of the FBI (just to be EXTRA clear on that).

In this episode, the discussion topics we cover are:

  • Pretty much nothing about being the chief spy catcher for the FBI
  • How to get paranoid/sketchy people to trust you
  • How to refrain from judging others and why this is so powerful
  • Attaining our goals with people in the face of our own emotional resistance
  • How to build tolerance of others
  • How to avoid becoming collateral damage of other people’s insecurities
  • The easiest ways to build rapport with people in any situation
  • Various methods of power control

We go in-depth on building trust and rapport with anyone and everyone you meet in all areas of your life. Tune in to discover all of this and so much more!

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