Paul Kyriazi

Paul Kyriazi | How to Live The James Bond Lifestyle

Paul Kyriazi | How to Live The James Bond Lifestyle

“If I knew my book was going to be this popular, I would have typed faster.” – Alex Haley (author of Roots)

The Cheat Sheet:

  • Why James Bond appeals to us as men
  • What James Bond can teach us about perseverance and why its one of the most important traits we can have
  • How reading made Sean Connery’s career and how he often chose books over Bond girls
  • How to ‘clear the subconscious mind’ so that one can focus on their goals without ‘self­sabotage’.
  • How to learn and accomplish to avoid overwhelm
  • Why James Bond embodies The Art of Charm and how we can take those qualities in ourselves
  • Why its important that the bad stops with us ­shout out to Liam Lazerbeam for the suggestion
  • How to ‘clear the subconscious mind’ so one can focus on their goals without ‘self­ sabotage’.

At 8 years old Paul Kyriazi decided to become a movie director, when watching ‘The Making of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ on Disneyland TV. So far he’s directed six feature films and many documentaries. He grew up watching West Side Story and The Time Machine and recently directed two stars from each movie.

Paul authored How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar to share his tips for success, perseverance, the power of the subconscious mind and what he calls ‘The Bond Personality’ and how using it will get you to success quicker than not using it.

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More About This Show:

Never let anyone talk you out of your dreams. (because everyone will, even loved ones), so be prepared to go it alone on your dream for some period of time until you meet others that are taking action, too. Many give their dreams a shot, but quit at exactly age 26 from pressure of friends, parents, girlfriend, wife. Yes, two year after college they are told, “Well, you gave it a shot, now get a regular job.” So they quit.

Review a hypnosis/meditation technique covered in Paul’s book titled, ‘Clearing the Mind for 00 Agents’

Clean up your base of operations (your apartment). Count your money using a calculator and make a plan using a calendar.

Buy a new watch (not expensive), new wallet, money clip to carry cash in your front pocket. Carry enough cash and credit so that you don’t have to go to an ATM machine should a sudden good opportunity come up or an emergency happen.

Creating a ‘mission control center’ in your apartment which is a 3X3 foot space where all your daily things are put, keys, wallet, money clip, phone, sunglasses, calendar, calculator, list of goals.


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How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar | Amazon

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