Jonathan Mead | Uncaged Man (Bonus)

Jonathan Mead | Uncaged Man (Bonus)

Jonathan Mead (@jonathanmead) quit his job at age 23 after building a personal development blog — Uncaged Man — with over 20,000 subscribers. He’s here to discuss the importance of primal movement on human performance and the pursuit of physical mastery.

The Cheat Sheet:

  • You didn’t evolve to live in the captivity of the cubicle, behind a desk, in front of a computer all day — every day.
  • Getting as close back to primal movement as you can will make you more resilient, injury-free, and more energized.
  • Your movement diet is just as important as your food diet.
  • Three movement deficiencies almost everyone has and how to reverse them.
  • Take Jonathan’s 30-day Primal Squat Challenge.
  • And so much more…


If you live your life hunched over a keyboard, neck craned at an absurd angle to gaze into the eye-straining light of a computer display, then you’re probably like a lot of the western world’s modern workforce. In the process of communing with machines, have you lost touch with the wildness that formed you over millions of years of human evolution?

Jonathan Mead of Uncaged Man joins us for this bonus episode of The Art of Charm to tell us how we can break free from the grind and reclaim our place in that wildness through making our bodies move as they were designed to move. To help us get started, he throws down this gauntlet for our listeners: the 30-Day Primal Squat Challenge!

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