In episode 317, Jayson and I talk about how he relied on his network and his word to rebuild a new business and rebuild his life after sabotaging his first.

Jayson Gaignard: The Network Connection (Episode 317)

Jayson Gaignard: The Network Connection (Episode 317)

Proof that your network is your net worth.

When you hit rock bottom, you will be left with two things: your network and your word. Never tarnish your word and always invest in your network.” – Jayson Gaignard

The Cheat Sheet:

  • Why making 22x the national average made Jayson unhappy. (09:40)
  • The two things that landed Jayson $250,000 in cash debt. (12:00)
  • What is Jayson’s perfect day exercise? (20:25)
  • The two types of freedom. (21:40)
  • Eustress: what is it and do you want to have it? (32:20)
  • Event ROI: why it’s been so important. (42:05)
  • And so much more…

When choosing a career path or a business endeavor, we often hear advice to choose a profitable industry or niche. But what if we we choose it and make a ton of money doing it but are utterly miserable? What happens then?

Here to share his experience of that scenario is Jayson Gaignard. Jayson is the CEO and driving force behind Mastermind Talks, an event-based organization devoted to bringing the greatest entrepreneurs together through events and networking.

Have a listen to episode 317 in which Jayson and I talk about how he sabotaged his first multimillion dollar company and how he then relied on his network and his word to build a new business and rebuild his life.

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More About This Show:

There are generally two pieces of advice given to most people starting out in business or on their career paths: network and pick a profitable market to get into. Jayson Gaignard did both with his first business. He was in the ticket-selling industry and he built a ton of high-level contacts while in the game.

But it was a niche he hated. Jayson had no interest in ticket sales or the events attached to those tickets. And one day, after he had amassed a highly lucrative business, he looked around and realized he was miserable. He had destroyed many relationships while building his company, his health was plummeting, and he didn’t care one iota about selling tickets or taking care of his customers.

Being the savvy businessman he is, he knew he should sell it and this was his plan. But subconsciously he says he so was disenchanted with everything about his business that he sabotaged it, so he would have nothing to sell. When he looks back now, he understands he did so because he didn’t want the burden of selling such a life-draining business to one of his friends. He had plenty of offers, but he just couldn’t sell it to someone else and risk tarnishing his friendship with them if they ended up hating it as much as he did by the end!

So instead, life intervened as it often does, and he found himself with a defunct business and $250,000 in cash debt. Not sure where revenue was going to come from next coupled with the stress of a newborn baby, Jayson hustled his way out the only way he knew how: his network.

He began throwing dinner parties and bringing together six to eight entrepreneurs for conversation and connection — and they were an incredible success; he knew the first night it was something he would do for the rest of his life.

His next break was an opportunity to bring Tim Ferriss to Canada for the first time. Tim was in the midst of a book blitz for The 4-Hour Chef. One of Tim’s package deals was to buy $84,000 of books in exchange for two speaking engagements. Not having any idea how he’d pay for it, Jayson went for it. He knew he’d figure it out.

And so he did. Jayson’s network came through for him and one of his friends invested the $84k to get him off the ground. Leveraging Tim’s name and their mutual friends, Jayson brought together a world-class group of speakers for a mastermind weekend. From over 3,000 applicants, he hand-selected attendees and the weekend was unforgettable. The first one was so successful he has since held another weekend with the same caliber of speakers and attendees!

That was how Jayson not only brought himself out of a quarter of a million dollars worth of debt, but also how he fully realized the power of a network. Today, Jayson continues to host events through his company Mastermind Talks. He has rebuilt his work and his life around new values of integrity and connection.

Jayson was a terrific guest; it was great to have him on the show and hear his story, his insights, and his wisdom. Have a listen and then take action to create a powerful network of your own. We’ll see you next time!


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