Art of Charm Toolbox | Body Language (Episode 3)

Learn why body language is the most important tool in your game, and how you can make it tighter.

“Amateurs don’t quit until they get it right. Professionals don’t quit until they know they can’t get it wrong.” -Anonymous

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Your body language is communicating from the second you walk in the door. No great pickup line will ever overcome bad body language.

Practice body language in private and in the club; act comfortable to feel comfortable. Try it, even though you feel silly at first.

Conversations are fluid; get used to silence. Be comfortable, not fidgety.

Keep hands below your waist.

Don’t be tense, keep your chin up, and don’t clench your jaw.

Be close enough to escalate physically; talk over your own shoulder, and be non-threatening.

Don’t be afraid of an audience.

Act relaxed and sit relaxed — just like you’re at home with your friends.

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