Helene Taylor, Esq., Why You Need a Prenup (Episode #232)

 “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” -Paulo Coelho

Prenuptial agreements can be a divisive topic. Some people might think they are unnecessary, but they are important. They provide benefits to both partners in case the marriage ends in a divorce.

Helene L. Taylor is a divorce attorney with twenty years of experience who is committed to using her experience to help make people’s divorces easier, relationships stronger and lives happier. 

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In this episode, Helene will let us know why we all need a prenup, no matter what the state of our current relationship.

We discuss:

  • Who needs prenuptial agreements and why
  • Why prenuptials lead to stronger marriages
  • How and when to talk to your date about prenuptials, and how to do it positively and sensitively
  • Why being honest about what you want and don’t want is essential
  • Why you are inviting the government to interfere if you don’t have a prenup
  • Why it is necessary to support a full time parent
  • Comparing prenuptial agreements to business partnerships with an exit strategy
  • Keeping your prior estate, business and assets separate from your income
  • How prenup counseling helps to figure out what to have in your agreement
  • What to do if your date is anti-prenuptial
  • The benefits vs. the risk of getting legally married

Helene also gives us some practical strategies for managing the logistics of a serious relationship, how to prepare for divorce or hard-times and how to get help once you hit them.

The discussion related to prenuptial agreements are not easy, but necessary. Doing so combines romance and business, but having this discussion improves the relationship for the long run.

Helene can be reached at: www.heleneltaylor.com or by phone at: 415-968-3028

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