Corbin Payne | How to Interact with the Police (Episode 671)

Corbin Payne (@the_sue_chef), aka The Sue Chef, is a criminal defense attorney who explains why the innocent as well as the guilty should know how to interact with the police in a way that protects their own rights.

The Cheat Sheet:

  • What are your rights regarding search and seizure?
  • Why shouldn’t we allow the police to search our car or home without a warrant — even if we think we have nothing to hide?
  • Why should we exercise our right to remain silent — even if we’re innocent?
  • Why would an innocent person ever need a lawyer present when talking to the police?
  • How do you get the police to see your side of the story?
  • And so much more…


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We may want to be good citizens who help law enforcement catch “the bad guy,” but there are reasons we need to avoid overextending our cooperation in ways that might turn undue attention to ourselves — even if we’re completely innocent of whatever crime is being investigated.

Criminal defense attorney Corbin Payne (aka The Sue Chef) joins us to explain why we want to be careful when trying to fulfill our duties as good citizens — and how to interact with the police when the questioning begins while ensuring our own rights are protected. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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In modern society, it’s probably safe to say the majority of the populace wishes for justice to prevail over those who thumb their noses at the law at the expense of everyone else. And while every individual within that society is supposedly innocent until proven guilty, we also know it’s not uncommon for innocent people to spend years behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit. Sometimes physical evidence that initially damns them turns out to exonerate them on more careful examination. Sometimes eyewitness accounts are proven impossible and the case gets thrown out.

But more often than not, it’s their own words that condemn them.

“Think about what an officer is looking for — what their role in an investigation is.” says criminal defense attorney Corbin Payne (aka The Sue Chef). “Because they spend most of their day dealing with people who are doing illegal things, their mind goes to, ‘Oh, there must be some illegal interpretation there.’ So there’s that. The other is, they’re actively looking for ways to trip you up and get you to confess. That’s not necessarily wrong — I think it is a good thing that we’ve got officers who are stopping murders, stopping crimes, and punishing people, and that we live in a relatively just society.

“But they are looking for anything that they can use to support their story that you’re guilty — or that someone’s guilty. They may be talking to you about somebody else; you’re not going to be more clever than a police officer unless you’re just really special. You’re not going to be able to outsmart them in this or try to play games and win; that’s a pretty good way to get yourself into trouble.

“If you’re having a conversation with them, and you’re past the point where you feel like they’re listening to you, or that anything you say is going to have any importance as far as input goes, I would clam up and I would invoke your right to silence and invoke your right to have an attorney present. You need to verbalize that.”

Listen to this episode of The Art of Charm in its entirety to learn why we shouldn’t allow the police to search our car or home without a warrant — even if we think we have nothing to hide, why we should exercise our right to remain silent — even if we’re innocent, why an innocent person should still probably have a lawyer present when being questioned, how guilt by association can land us in real trouble (just like Mom always tried to tell us), how we can get the police to see our side of the story, and lots more.


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