Chalene Johnson, the best-selling author of Push, joins us to talk about the crucial missing step in goal-setting on this episode of The Art of Charm.

Chalene Johnson | Push: The Real Way to Set and Achieve Goals (Episode 378)

Chalene Johnson | Push: The Real Way to Set and Achieve Goals (Episode 378)

There is a simple trick to setting and achieving goals.

“The thing that we focus on is what we accomplish.” -Chalene Johnson

The Cheat Sheet:

  • What is the one thing that stops most people from achieving their goals?
  • Why and how to create a fortress around your focus.
  • This trait impacts every area of life: what is it?
  • What’s the one question you should ask yourself every day?
  • What’s a leghugger and why do you not want to be one?
  • And so much more…

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All of us have set goals, gotten pumped up to achieve them only for that enthusiasm to fade and those goals to go unreached. Many of us have repeated this pattern over and over again with the same result.

What if all along what we’ve been taught about setting and achieving goals has been wrong? Our guest for today’s episode, Chalene Johnson, says there is one key step no one else talks about. Her book Push is about that very subject: the missing yet crucial step to setting and achieving goals. We dive into this and more on this episode of The Art of Charm.

More About This Show:

Chalene Johnson is known by many for her success in the fitness world. Despite her humble beginnings in a poor neighborhood in Michigan, she has grown several multi-million dollar empires. She’s a self-professed reformed workaholic who now shares the lessons she has learned through her podcast, her online academies, and her book, Push.

One of those lessons is how to set and achieve goals. Far too often, people are setting goals but never reaching them for one reason or another.

But Chalene has found the missing ingredient: it’s called a push goal. A push goal, which is where the name of her book Push comes from, is that one goal you must achieve that will help you achieve all of your other goals.

In this episode she breaks down the five-step process, including how to discover your push goal.

1. Set 10 goals.
Make these very specific. She recommends you set one goal in each of the following areas of your life: a get smart goal (something you want to learn), a pure joy goal (something that invigorates you and brings you joy), a goal for your romantic/love life, a goal related to family and friends, your spirituality, a goal for your environment (where you hang out like your office), a goal for your purpose/profession, a financial goal, a fitness/nutrition goal, a mental wellness goal.

2. Set another goal: this is your push goal.
This is your goal that makes a lot of those other 10 goals possible. This is your push goal; it’s the goal that pushes all the other ones into happening. Your push goal will have a domino effect on a majority of your other goals. Set your push goal and ignore the other 10!

3. Brain dump.
Get a No. 2 pencil and a piece of paper, and write down every possibility to make your push goal happen. When you have all of that written down, make sure it’s all on one piece of paper for your next step.

4. Take a photo of that paper on your phone.
And look at that photo every day, then pick two things to do every day from your brain dump list. Those two things are related to your push goal and should take you less than 10 minutes a day (generally).

5. Set an automatic reminder.
Use your phone to create an app to remind you to decide which two things you’re going to do today to reach your push goal. A great way to do this is to use the If This Then That website, it can help you set up automatic reminders that arrive as a text to your phone.

This is Chalene’s 5-step process to setting and achieving goals, a system she has used herself time and time again with successful results!

We also talk about confidence and why she’s spending so much time on that one topic this year. Have a listen to hear the full scoop! Thanks to Chalene for her time and her wisdom, and thanks to all of you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on The Art of Charm.


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