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Q&A: The Art of Style (Episode 709)

Q&A: The Art of Style (Episode 709)

This week’s Q&A Episode wraps up our series on first impressions and dives into conversation about style and the art of the first impression with two style experts – LA Based fashion expert and stylist Melissa Chataigne & Real Men Real Style Founder, Antonio Centeno. We also answer YOUR questions on first impressions.


  • How can you create a style that is authentic to reflect your personal brand?
  • How can style increase your confidence?
  • Why is it important to make a powerful first impression online and off? 
  • What are some tips and tricks to take the stress out of shopping?


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How to Express Yourself With Style

First impressions are visual – and what you wear is your first opportunity to leave a memorable first impression. Just like body language, your clothes are a tool to have control over the message you want to send.

Creating a wardrobe can be scary: stick to the basics, wear what’s authentic to you, keep it all simple – style doesn’t have to be complicated.

Even in corporate environment, or somewhere that dictates you dress a certain way, Melissa encourages listeners to find ways to express personality through appropriate details. Choose a pocket square, watch, or handbag. Unique details can also be conversation starters and inspire meaningful connection.

Melissa sums it up perfectly, “be comfortable In yourself, and your outfit.”

Your Style Reflects Your Confidence

“Style is for everyone,” Melissa believes. What we choose to wear on the outside reflects what we’re feeling on the inside.

You couldn’t be farther from the truth If you assume the answer to a confident first impression is buying more experience clothes.

“Style without confidence is just a costume,” Melissa identifies.

“Standing out with your personal style, can give you a little more confidence,” Melissa shares. When what your wearing feels authentic to the message you want to send, a memorable first impression will soon become second nature.

This confidence is created by being clear on where you’re going, what your goals are and what you’re trying to accomplish. AJ adds: “If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s hard for you to take steps in the right direction.”

Now it’s your turn to ask yourself, “What is the message you’re looking to send with the clothes you’re currently wearing? Is it in alignment with how you want to be perceived by the world?”

Audience Q&A

Remember! if you have a question you’d like AJ & Johnny to answer you can reach them at 1-855-ART-OF-CHARM. Calling not your style? Tweet us or send a DM on Instagram to @theartofcharm.

AJ, Johnny and Melissa work to deliver powerful answers on:

  • how to introduce yourself powerfully and stand out at networking events,
  • how to remedy a potentially bad first impression,
  • how to make a powerful first impression online
  • and how to continue to combat our critical inner voice, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Antonio is quick to identify the most common mistake in fashion – that we just don’t care. By taking a moment to identify a motivating factor behind why it’s important we dress well, our clothes shift from chore to choice.

Above all, Antonio urges us to remember: “It’s not about the clothing it’s about the message you send to the world – no matter in a t-shirt or a suit.”

Johnny challenges us to think about if you’re investing time, energy, and money into personal development, why let being poorly dressed close the doors you’re trying so hard to open for yourself?

AJ & Johnny then lean into Antonio’s expertise on frequently asked fashion questions from The Art of Charm family, exploring the importance of fit, and how to understand your measurements versus relying on a brand’s size; settles what shoes should actually be worn with shorts; how to dress appropriately for your age; and casts his vote in the debate on boxers versus briefs.


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