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Beat Approach Anxiety | Alex Banayan (Episode 717)

Beat Approach Anxiety | Alex Banayan (Episode 717)

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About This Episode

In this episode, AJ and Johnny interview Alex Banayan (@AlexBanayan), author of “The Third Door” about his 7-year journey to interview some of the most successful people in the world. Alex shares detail about his struggles to reach his dream and the personal social barriers he had to break down to get there. Alex also shares advice, wisdom, and tricks of the trade from the people he interviewed, Bill Gates, Tim Ferriss, Larry King, and many more.

What To Listen Out For

  • What is the “third door”, and how can you create one in your life?
  • Having a great working relationship with your own fear and weakness can become a powerful tool to stop fighting with your insecurities, and to instead embrace them. In what way can you become more assured of yourself by letting go?
  • As Larry King told Alex, technology has changed but people haven’t. How can you break through the barriers of technology to create a real connection with someone?
  • Where do you see “the flinch” taking over in your life?
  • As Alex can attest to, Tim Ferriss teaches us that persistence is not always going to get us what we want. What are a few key insights to be sure we don’t scare away the person we’re trying to get in front of?
  • What’s a great way to create a relationship organically with someone online?

AJ and Johnny discuss with Alex the parallels between their experiences and what they’ve learned through teaching at the AoC Bootcamp.   

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The Third Door, written by Alex Banayan

When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chödrön

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