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8 Tips to Keep the Conversation Going (Episode 716)

8 Tips to Keep the Conversation Going (Episode 716)

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About This Episode

How do you take a conversation to the next level and create real connection? In this episode of The Art of Charm podcast, AJ and Johnny explain 8 fundamental steps to develop a relationship beyond just a brief interaction with a stranger on the train, scoring a number at a bar, or a handshake at a business conference. Learn the social cues, the mental tricks, and the right body language to tee up a compelling conversation.

The 8 Steps

Take from the following article – 8 Insanely Effective Ways to Connect with Anyone You Meet


  1. PAY ATTENTION – It’s simple but so easy to overlook.

*What are a few ways for you to lock into a conversation?

  1. SEEK FEEDBACK – From trusted friends to tell you the truth on what you can improve on.

*Can you think of someone who you can talk to about this? Call them tonight!

  1. ASK QUESTIONS – What’s everyone’s favorite topic? Encourage people to talk about themselves and share their experiences with you to create understanding.

*How can you show someone your genuine interest in who they are?

  1. REMEMBER YOUR NAME – What’s the best way to remember someone’s name and how can you use these tools during your next night out?


  1. DON’T PRETEND YOU KNOW EVERYTHING – It’s the biggest turn-off of them all!

*In fact, what’s one of the best ways to create a seamless and empathetic connection to turn someone one and create a connect?


  1. CARE ABOUT OTHERS about others! Show appreciation for the people around you and let that bleed over into all areas of your life.

*How can you create grateful positivity to spread over into your environment?


  1. SEE A ROOM FULL OF FRIENDS – Visualize that at your next outing — treat no one like a stranger.

*What’s one of the reactions that we have by becoming uncomfortable in a new environment?

**REMEMBER: This takes practice! If you expect everyone to treat you like a friend, you might set too high of an expectation, so take it in stride.

  1. CONNECT IN PERSON. As much as we might want to, we can’t truly connect online! But it’s easy to be afraid of the risk and rejection of meeting in person.

*In what ways can you pivot your body language to show true interest to someone you’re meeting in person?

This was a big episode, but don’t get overwhelmed! Focus on finding that one genuine friend and go from there. And remember: Humans are naturally bad at active listening, so don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself struggling along the way.

Through these podcasts, we strive to give you daily hacks for your life that you can use to overcome the whims of your primitive mind and truly connect with the people around you!

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8 Insanely Effective Ways to Connect with Anyone You Meet – “Lifehack”

How to Make Friends, According to Science – “The Atlantic”

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