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In this episode, AJ and Johnny speak on the importance of “emotional bids,” and how to successfully identify and respond to them to create a deeper connection with the people around you. We start with a look at the clinical researcher, Dr. John Gottman and the study he conducted that helped define what an emotional bid is and why it is so important. Then, AJ and Johnny describe how we can positively or negatively respond to a whole array of emotional bids – and how that can make or break a relationship. We also learn how you don’t have to tell all of your deepest and darkest secrets to feel like someone truly understands you.


* What is the simplest way to show vulnerability to someone we’re trying to connect with?

* Are emotional bids always easy to spot?

* How can you be more actively present in your relationships?

* In the moments after you put down your phone, are you truly disconnected from it?

* What is “turning towards”, and how can you create more of these positive interactions in your life?

* What is one of the most important ways to connect yourself to someone else’s emotional bid?


By watching a couple interact for just 3 minutes, Dr. John Gottman could predict with up to 94 percent certainty whether the couple would eventually separate, remain unhappy, or continue as a happily couple for several years. AJ and Johnny share examples of their own lives to better understand how vital emotional bids are in connecting with others and in creating value in a relationship.


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Dr. John Gottman’s 1999 study on couples



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