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Turning Toward Emotion | Article (Episode 720)

Turning Toward Emotion | Article (Episode 720)

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About This Episode

AJ (@AJHarbinger) and Johnny (@AOCJohnny) continue the theme of Emotional Bids by discussing practical ways to deepen and strengthen the connections with the people in our lives. Their source for this week’s discussion comes from a Gottman Institute article by Zach Brittle:


Whether it’s reciprocating feelings, talking about your day, or even better understanding physical touch, emotional bids help develop human-to-human connection and build long-lasting relationships.


* How can the use of emotional bids help us make better connections with the people?

* What is the best way to react to an emotional bid?

* We might not always be able to respond to someone’s emotional bid right away. How can we respond to someone to still show that we care?

*What role does humor play in emotional connection?

* What’s an example of an emotional bid that can be easily overlooked?

* We know that being too vulnerable can often put someone off. What ways can you think of that can create this tension?

Johnny and AJ share their own experiences with missing emotional bids over the years.

Whether it’s getting to know someone for the first time or diving into the deepest parts of a romantic relationship, knowing how to spot an emotional bid and how to react is crucial to creating a true bond with someone we care about.


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* The Ben Franklin Effect – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Franklin_effect

* The Gottman Institute – https://www.gottman.com


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