Becoming High Value (Episode 694)

Becoming High Value (Episode 694)

Your heroes and role models are probably what most would consider high value people. Listen to this episode of The Art of Charm to learn how to soar to their inspirational ranks rather than sinking to the selfish temptations of low value living.

The Cheat Sheet:

  • Discover why high value people who give get more from their relationships than low value people who only know how to take.
  • Understand why showing a little genuine attention, appreciation, and acceptance to someone can have a giant impact.
  • See why the low value people in your life are more likely to drag you down with them than you are of pulling them up.
  • Learn how to better filter high value people into your life and filter out low value people.
  • Find out what a high value person gets from taking on responsibility that the low value person loses by trying to wiggle out of it.
  • And so much more…


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In last week’s value toolbox episode (check it out here), we dug into the typical behaviors of low value people, learned how to make sure we’re not displaying these behaviors ourselves, and touched on why we shouldn’t expect people stuck in the unexamined rut of low value behavior to make any dramatic changes for the better until they can admit they have a problem.

This time around, we reveal the important stuff: the high value behaviors we can identify and cultivate in ourselves, how tiny changes in the ways we reach out to and interact with others can make big differences, why surrounding ourselves with low value people will bring us down long before we can bring them up, and lots more. Please enjoy!

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