AoC Toolbox | Resilience (Episode 584)

Art of Charm Toolbox | Resilience (Episode 594)

Art of Charm Toolbox | Resilience (Episode 594)

The Art of Charm (@TheArtofCharm) trio of Johnny, AJ, and Jordan goes over the importance of resilience and how we can develop it to be ready for anything life throws our way. [Photo by Art Bromage]

The Cheat Sheet:

  • What is resilience and why is it so important?
  • Consider resilience as a bedrock mindset upon which other improvements are built.
  • Johnny, AJ, and Jordan share personal examples of the role resilience has played in their lives here at AoC.
  • “Bend, don’t break.”
  • Learn actionable techniques for developing resilience that will make you ready for anything.
  • And so much more…


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It’s inevitable: everyone falls down from time to time — it’s just that some are better than others at getting up again. The truth is that these people are prepared for life’s challenges well before they transpire because they understand the power of resilience.

In this toolbox episode of The Art of Charm, Johnny, AJ, and Jordan explain how resilience helps us recover from life’s little surprises and how we can develop it in order to be fearlessly ready for anything that might be lurking around the corner. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

More About This Show

Like confidence, being able to bounce back from difficult experiences is an ability that we continue to strengthen. This resilience isn’t just built by surviving one trauma or tragedy, but it’s developed over time as a way to adapt to the multiple adversities we face over a lifetime.

“The important thing to realize about resilience is it doesn’t mean that you do not feel the stress, or you do not feel the emotional impact,” says AJ. “It just means that you bounce back from it. I think a lot of times people view resilience as almost a stoicism of deflecting and not feeling — or a numbness — when actually resilience is built on the back of that emotional distress.”

Things to Keep in Mind While Developing Resilience

Have confidence in your abilities. Nobody’s perfect, but the world keeps turning anyway. You’ll make mistakes along the way, but so does everybody — and things get done in spite of it all.

Make plans and act on those plans. Following through on what you say you’re going to do is a powerfully positive reinforcement.

Understand that facing challenges isn’t going to be pretty. Reign in the emotions urging you to quit and soldier on. The path from point A to point B is an obstacle course, so don’t leave the journey unfinished just because you tripped over something along the way. Expect setbacks; don’t accept defeat.

“You will meet adversity,” says Johnny. “You’ll either find a tool to work through the adversity to get to the other side, or you’ll find yourself dealing with that adversity until you find the tool that allows you to live through it. Those are your options. And when you meet adversity and you don’t have a tool, you will spend time getting depressed, getting angry, getting frustrated, anxious. But if you continue to battle through, eventually you will find what you need to get to the other side — to get yourself out of that adversity to your end goal. And that is the hero’s journey…a story that is embedded in human evolution.”

Listen to this toolbox episode of The Art of Charm to learn more about the perspective granted by understanding the adversities we face aren’t unique to us, how resilience allows us to see the world outside of our own senses and consider the journeys going on all around us, stargazing vs. tunneling with blinders on, what tools might be used for working through adversity, specific techniques we can use to hone our own resilience, and lots more.


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