How To Tell A Great Story In 8 Easy Steps (Ep. #785)

How To Tell A Great Story In 8 Easy Steps (Ep. #785)

Storytelling is the glue which has held humanity together over tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years – but why are stories so important to us, what goes into creating a great story, and what can you do turn any story from your life into a great story worth telling?

What to Listen For

  • Why is storytelling such a valuable skill to have in personal and professional relationships?
  • What can you do to tell engaging and compelling stories?
  • Why is your storytelling ability important for making new friends, building a network, and dating?
  • How does your storytelling ability make or break your performance in sales?
  • Why do many of us focus on the wrong things when telling a story and how is it hindering you socially and professionally?
  • Why are stories so powerful in conveying information and connecting us?
  • How do you structure a story so you’re captivating the listeners and they can’t help but remember you?
  • What is the Hero’s Journey and how has it been used throughout history to structure famous stories in mythology, religion, and literature?
  • What are 8 steps can you follow to turn any story into a great story?
  • How do you turn an average story into a great story?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts of storytelling?
  • What do people connect with most in stories and what puts them off?
  • What is the “curse of knowledge” and how does it hurt your ability to tell great stories?


Humans have likely been telling stories since we first stepped foot on this earth. It is one of our defining features in the animal kingdom and it is the thing that enables us to live and work together in groups, from families to communities to companies to nations. 

Storytelling is indeed an art, but an art with a structure. This structure has been passed down through the ages and can be found throughout the world in various cultures, which means it can be taught and learned. If you want to create strong relationships in your personal life and professional life, then you need to become a great storyteller.

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