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The Art of Charm In-Person Bootcamp

Develop superior social skills, overcome the fear of rejection and gain conversational confidence on demand in just 5 days...


Spend 5-days with The Art of Charm Team in Los Angeles and learn:

  • The most effective, authentic, and scientifically proven ways to crush your approach anxiety
  • Conversational Confidence: the ability to have a conversation with anyone at anytime and effortlessly keep it going
  • How to conquer your fears of rejection, self-doubt, and overcome imposter syndrome

Since 2008 we have helped thousands of
men just like you drastically
improve their social skills



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This is not your run of the mill workshop. This is you growing your social skills and confidence through active implementation, coaching and real-time feedback.

You should DEFINITELY apply for our Live, Bootcamp training IF...
  • You are ready to have a breakthrough in your social life and grow your conversational confidence.
  • You understand the value of hard work and want to speed up the process.
  • You are in a rut socially and you are ready to shake things up to reach your true potential.
  • You can commit a week of time to come to Los Angeles, CA.

Immerse yourself in the world’s most
advanced social skills training program.

Day 1

Learn how to nail your first impression and keep any conversation going with our scientifically proven classroom exercises.

Day 2

Grow your charisma, handle rejection and conflict with ease. At night, we will head out together with coaches to put the skills you’ve learned so far to the test.

Day 3

Our coaches will give you feedback about your night out. You’ll learn how to get out of your head and the art of playful banter.

Day 4

Practice on how to pick up a conversation, chime in with humor, and navigate awkward moments. We’ll go out again to practice your new skills at a buzzing lounge in Los Angeles.

Day 5

Learn to become that in-demand, high-value man people admire. Master the art of storytelling captivating audiences and building deep genuine connections with peers and friends.

During the Bootcamp we will work on 6 different levels

  • Vision

    We’ll craft a powerful vision that will transform how you relate to the world. Additionally, we will identify your core values, so they can guide you in every decision and shape your behaviors so you become the man you want to be.

  • Strategy

    Your routines and habits are the foundation for everything you do in this world. Therefore we will develop the perfect routine for you that gives you the energy and puts you in the headspace where you can make big things happen. We will also create your big picture strategy and a solid plan for the next years, so you know where you are going.

  • Mindset

    What feels hard today, can feel effortless tomorrow. You will overcome the fears, doubts, limiting beliefs or insecurities that are holding you back. We will challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone. So that what seems scary today, will feel comfortable tomorrow! Letting go of old fears will give room for you to create a new set of empowering beliefs so you can live life as fully as never before.

  • Skillset

    If you get better at something, you become more confident and your world transforms. We will identify any social skills you need to build and work on them regularly. We will guide you through a process of reaching out to and modeling top performers that will allow you to 10x the speed with which you develop your skills.

  • Energy

    You will optimize your environment. You’ll get clear on which people, places, and things FILL you with energy and which people, places and things DRAIN you of energy. You will actively remove those energy-drainers from your life.

  • Accountability

    Our tested accountability process will allow you to develop the inner discipline so you always follow through. Our coaches will stick by your side during the entire week to guide you to take action and grow your confidence in just 5 days.

The Bootcamp Experience

  • Pre-Program Coaching & Prep Work to jump start your improvement today
  • 5 Days of In-Person Social Skills Training in Los Angeles, CA
  • 2 to 1 Student to Coach Ratio
  • Personal Coaching & On the Spot Feedback
  • Post Program Personalized "Go Forward Plan", Mentorship and Support

Take a Sneak Peek at Your Bootcamp Accommodations:

Each bootcamp is limited to 8 spots only!

“I learned more in one week with The Art of Charm than I did in 4 years at University.”
Josh S., Bootcamp alumni

Extensive Alumni Network

Our alumni are from top companies, industries and military special operations around the world.


Gain a strong network of friends... for life

After Bootcamp, we don’t send you off on your own into the wild.

You get access to our exclusive alumni app. You can relive the bootcamp experience on your phone, connect with local alumni on our map, and get your questions answered by our coaches.

You join an active network of thousands of alumni – men who went through the same personal transformation from Bootcamp.

What’s more, you gain a group of friends. Art of Charm alumni are meeting up in-person and hanging out together in their cities.


Interested? Take the Next Step

Bootcamp seats and call slots get booked up quickly. Act now and get the information you need to move forward with your decision today.

Here's what our students are saying
about their bootcamp experience



And just like them, after the bootcamp
you'll be able to:

  • Confidently walk up to any stranger, strike up a conversation, and connect instantly

  • Avoid coming off creepy, uninterested, or arrogant. Our coaches give the real-time feedback on what you’ve been doing wrong for YEARS!

  • Instantly read someone before you even talk to them–and know how to approach them

  • Save the day: be the superhero who solves tough conflicts at work or home

  • Get invitations, to trips, parties, dinners, weddings, and exclusive events

  • Command respect from your friends, co-workers, family, and women

Meet Your Coaches

AJ Harbinger


Former cancer biologist turned world-class relationship development coach. With his background as a biologist, AJ brings scientific, evidence-based approach to confidence and charisma. He’s spent over 12 years coaching men how to build confidence, deepen relationships, and create social capital.

Johnny Dzubak

Johnny wasn’t always this charismatic. He eventually learned the art of persuasion, influence, and charisma while in the music business. And now, he’s helped thousands of men become high value, grow their charisma, and upgrade their networking skills as a coach at The Art of Charm.


Enjoy an amazing week in a five bedroom villa with heated pool in the Hills.

Apply to our bootcamp
You don’t have to go through this journey on your own.


We're taking any risk away from you and putting it all on our shoulders

By the end of the program, if you feel like you didn't get any value out of it or didn't have a good experience for whatever reason-pull one of our coaches aside. Let them know by the last day of the program the reasons why, and we will refund your entire amount back.

We're so confident you'll see value in this Bootcamp, we're putting all the risk on our shoulders. We want to make the decision to join Bootcamp the most valuable and easiest decision you'll make this year.

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