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Transformation can be accidental or intentional, but if you are going to change and grow as a person, wouldn’t you want to have a say in how you grow and who you become?

What to Listen For

  • Why are only the courageous drawn to self-development?
  • How do you turn envy into a motivator rather than trying to hide it or eliminate it?
  • What question can you ask yourself to make feelings of envy work for you?
  • What is experiential avoidance and how is it correlated with low levels of life satisfaction?
  • What are “doomers” and “bloomers” and how do doomers become bloomers?
  • What should be your next move if you reach a point in your life and realize you haven’t accomplished anything?
  • Why might procrastination be doing more damage to your future than you think, and what can you do about it?
  • If you want to change your future, where is the best place to start and why might it not be the place you think?
  • What is the difference between living life on the offense and living life on the defense, and why does one of the two make it far more difficult to achieve your goals?
  • How does the pursuit of self-actualization lead to a snowball effect?
  • What is the 5-5-5 technique and how can it prevent you from falling into a powerless state of mind?

Self-development is only for the courageous. You must have the courage to face yourself and be honest about who you are and what you want. You must have the courage to identify your weaknesses and ask for help so you know where to start and what to work on. You must have the courage to live life on the offense so you can take intentional steps every single day toward who you want to become, even if it means falling and getting back on the horse.

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