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Goals: How to Pick ‘em & Achieve ’em | Chris Tye-Walker (Episode 732)

Goals: How to Pick ‘em & Achieve ’em | Chris Tye-Walker (Episode 732)

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About This Episode

Physical fitness can play a significant role in rebuilding your confidence, but what all goes into achieving a desired level of fitness, how do you set goals to ensure steady progress, and how does the pursuit of health and fitness improve your life overall?

What to Listen For

  • What is Barry’s Bootcamp and is it for you?
  • How are fitness & confidence related and how can you rely on exercise to strengthen your confidence?
  • Why is there no single best diet for everyone and how do you figure out what foods work best for your goals?
  • How important are habits when it comes to working out and what can you do to avoid failure?
  • Chris explains why goal setting is important and how you can set goals conducive to success instead of failure
  • How important is it to have an accountabilibuddy and how can you find one if your friends aren’t interested?
  • What is the value of having a coach versus working out with friends or on your own and how can it stop you from failing?
  • How do you reframe small failures to further motivate you toward your goals rather than allowing them to cascade into falling off the wagon?
  • How do you develop resiliency in the face of strong self-doubt?

Achieving your fitness goals – whether that means getting in shape, training for a race, or just feeling healthy – is about more than just spending 30 minutes in the gym a few times a week.

First, you must eat food that is conducive to your goals. Are you trying to gain muscle or burn fat? Are you training for a marathon or a powerlifting meet or a bodybuilding competition? How well does your body respond to dairy, sugar, gluten, etc. Know your body and understand the caloric/nutrient requirements of what you’re trying to achieve.

Second, you must train in a way that allows you to track your progress. Use a journal to track your workouts and set goals for subsequent workouts. You’re not always going to have incremental progress but the key is to be able to identify a positive trend over time.

Third, your habits are crucial to making gains and keeping your sanity. We only have so much willpower in one day and the easier we can make it on ourselves to make the right decisions, the easier it will be for us to hit our goals. Go to bed early. Get enough sleep every night. Prepare your meals ahead of time each week. Reserve alcohol for one night a week or special occasions.

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