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Master Your Mindset with David Goggins (Episode 730)

Master Your Mindset with David Goggins (Episode 730)

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About This Episode

We are all capable of more than we think because many of us don’t push ourselves beyond the limit our mind tells us we have – so what does it mean to master your mindset, why is it so beneficial to externalize your insecurities and fears, and how can you change your relationship with suffering in order to live the life you want.

What to Listen For

  • Who did David Goggins have to invent in order to change his life and how can you do the same thing right now?
  • What excuse are you likely to make when you listen to stories like David’s and how is it stopping you from living the life you want?
  • How do you flip the switch when you’re having an off-day so you can be ON IT whenever you need it?
  • Why is it crucial to change your relationship with suffering if you want to lead the life you dream of?
  • David Goggins explains what the 40% rule is and how it limits us from achieving our potential
  • Why do you revert to old habits when you start taking steps to change your life and what can you do make lasting changes?
  • David Goggins explains why he declined lucrative offers from the top 5 publishing houses to instead self-publish his book Can’t Hurt Me
  • What do you do when you start working on yourself and the people around you don’t support you?

For most of human history, we lived in an environment that pushed us to our physical limits in order to survive. We had to excel at being human and cooperating with other humans in order to ensure each successive generation could continue on.

Modern society, however, has decreased the need for that physical capacity and as a result, many of us do not know what it means to push ourselves to the limit and beyond, and the benefits which arise from such a pursuit.

It’s time to change that.

Pushing yourself physically is not just about exercise and getting sweaty. It’s about returning to what made us human, and to do that you must be willing to embrace pain. You must be willing to develop a positive relationship with suffering. You must be willing to master your mindset.

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Living With a Seal by Jesse Itzler

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

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